Every day is filled with the same 24 hours for all of us. What we do with those hours defines our inner feelings of purpose and success. B.J. likes to carve out time for her writing among the duties she must perform and finds her most creative time is in the morning. She has been working at this profession of writing and speaking for quite a while and thoroughly enjoys it. Success has come through determination and hard work.

B.J. has been a member of three writers groups: two face-to-face and one online. She also sends out an unobtrusive monthly email with some powerful tips to help you become the best writer you can be. We can all use a little support, encouragement and motivation, right?

If you’d like to send B.J. a message, she’ll respond in a timely manner. Or if you would like to see what B.J. is up to now, like or follow her on Facebook.

Dog-Lit/Women’s Fiction
Love dogs? B.J. does too! Like chick-lit, dog-lit books are fun beach reads for dog lovers: novels containing at least one dog and people who love them. You could also call it women’s fiction. B.J. has a three-book series in the works with a working title of Fortune Puppy, another novel called Four Chicks and a Dog on a Diet, and another book with a tentative title of 49 Days. Stay tuned for more information on all fronts.

The Loves of her Life
B.J.’s husband takes the top spot, but crowding him at the front of the line is six-year-old Charlie Bear, a rescue dog with attitude. Charlie learned a lot from big dog Rex, a 10-year-old Golden Lab. Rex was B.J.’s writing companion by day and paper shredder by night, and before he passed over the Rainbow Bridge, he taught Charlie Bear how to sleep like a possum, how not to bark at every little thing in the yard, how to sit quietly near the dinner table and wait for a possible morsel or two, and how to love up on his dad and mom peeps (that’s what he calls B.J. and her husband). Charlie Bear loves to indulge in writing a bit and adds fodder to Taylor’s Tips.

B.J. first began writing in grade school, with English as her favorite subject and spelling bees her specialty. A personal diary was her journal, hidden under her mattress during her teenage years. Her penned thoughts filled numerous notepads (which she still has in a box in the garage), but a computer is her medium of choice today. She admits that a lot of choices are scary at first, like signing up for a writing class, joining a writers group, or submitting a first novel to an agent for consideration. She plunged into the deep blue sea, took a chance with her writing, and has been blessed abundantly, especially in the area of writing short stories for Guideposts, Angels on Earth, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.