Too Cute and OMG WOW for words….

Dear Friends, How’s your day today? Want a smile to lift you up? Catch this awesome video: Charlie Bear and I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day, and please tell us if this lifted your spirits (or

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Friends, Charlie Bear thinks this country of ours is stunning and beautiful. He looks at the world through doggie eyes low to the ground, and what he sees is goodness, kindness, and love. He understands that every one of the

Would Your Loved Ones Know…?

Charlie Bear here. So Mom Peep listens to this great recording from America’s Got Talent and she can’t get these words out of her mind: “If tomorrow never comes…would she know how much I love her…” And she decides to

MCWC…what’s that?

Good Day My Friends, Charlie Bear here with a bit of windy news that’s just blown in. Registration is open for … wait for it … MCWC Montrose Christian Writers Conference! Mom Peep copied the link here for you. Register

Are you still in this kind of weather?

Charlie Bear here. My springtime has been pretty mild here where I live, but for some of you the weather may be cloudy, cold, maybe even snowing yet? Even if you live where the brightness is almost constant, you might