Do You Know Why God Made a Dog?

Charlie Bear here with a piece of wisdom straight from heaven. See if you agree that this is a wonderful video for all Dog Lovers. But..even if you’re not a Dog Lover you will love this one. A MUST WATCH,

A New Way to Save Lives?

Dear Friends and Animal Lovers, I’m overwhelmingly motivated to share this article with you. I have to admit that I didn’t like what I read at first. But if you absorb it all, you’ll get this number one fact: Without

To All My Friends

Charlie Bear here. This is the time for remembering YOU…friends in my life. Can you find yourself in this slideshow? If you sent in  your picture (thanks to your Peep for doing that for you), it should be here. If

Why God Made a Dog…

Charlie Bear here. Have you ever wondered where we came from, why we’re here, what our purpose is? I love me. I know my purpose. Pssss….it’s the same purpose your dog has: to love and snuggle and give joy to

What’s Dog-Lit?

Charlie Bear here. I didn’t know about this so-called dog-lit. Did you? That’s what Mom Peep calls our CHARLIE BEAR book. And her other stuff she writes, too. Huh. You learn something new every hour. Northwest Christian Writers Association B.J.

Do you do this…?

Charlie Bear here. Mom Peep does something kinda cool. She flies to Wisconsin for a family reunion every year where she gets to see her Great-Granddaughter, Aubree: and all the gang. She comes back filled up with love and hugs

Have you heard the Scoop?

Charlie Bear here. American Pet Magazine runs a column written by me (ahem…Mom Peep) and it starts out like this: I was found roaming the streets in Los Angeles, fending for myself with no one to care for me. If I’d