Adopt a Rescue or Shelter Dog or ….

  Charlie Bear here. (That’s my photo that Mom Peep fell in love with when she found me online at’m here to talk about a controversial subject. Adopt a dog or buy? Mom Peep didn’t want to do this post and

The end of a long chase…

Charlie Bear here with another big fellow, this one named Chase. His story is told by Brittany: It all started when my dad got his German Shepherd. He claims that Jett is “everyone’s” dog, but we all know better. I wanted a

A true Thanksgiving for this rescued dog…

Charlie Bear here. That’s Beaugie and here’s what his Mom Peep Alice says about him: Beaugie is a “True Rescue Dog;” got him on Monday before Thanksgiving of year 2008, and the vet said his age was around 1 1/2 years. His coat

Never too old to be loved…and to give love.

Hi, Charlie Bear here, with a featured rescue dog….ummm…make that two: Peggy Frezon shares: Brooks age: 11 age at adoption: 11 breed: Golden retriever rescue group: Peppertree Rescue We decided it was time to add another dog to our family,

Animal Wise Radio

Charlie Bear here. Did you hear what that woman called me? She called me SUPER CUTE! And she also said I had the best sense of timing ever. I really like her! That timing thing was about when I snuggled up next to

It all started with…

Hey Charlie Bear, you remember us don’t you?  Ya know, your former foster brothers. The ones that didn’t want a thing to do with your bad self when you first arrived and then, who grew to love and play with

One Courageous Dog

A tribute to Independence Day from one lucky dog. This story is all about being free, brought to you by me, Charlie Bear. Check out how skinny Ellen was when she first came to Best Friends (see video). And look

Sharing space…Dog and Cat Style

Charlie Bear here. Mom had these sent to her in an email. I call that top one: share with a cat. And Mom calls this one below….share the chair. She says it reminds her of big dog Rex, and then the small dog

How could you not let this big boy into your heart?

Hi, Charlie Bear here, with a big bruiser of a dog. This guy’s name is Clyde and he reminds me of big dog Rex both in size and stature. And he has that “look,” you know? Here’s what his momma