A New Way to Save Lives?

Dear Friends and Animal Lovers, I’m overwhelmingly motivated to share this article with you. I have to admit that I didn’t like what I read at first. But if you absorb it all, you’ll get this number one fact: Without

Do You Know These Tips?

Charlie Bear here. In the Best Friends magazine there was a sidebar on: Tips for Adopting Your Own Best Family Dog I thought they were pretty cool, so I’m going to put them in here for you to read. 1.

FREE Stocking to a Big Dog

Charlie Bear here with a giveaway of something precious. When Mom Peep unpacked the Christmas stuff, she pulled out a red stocking with my name on it and a huge one with Rex’s name embroidered in emerald green right into the soft white top. Mom jokes

What Do I Get to Eat Tomorrow?

Charlie Bear here. If I had that big ‘ole turkey in front of me I’d chomp right into one of those yummy legs. I’d leave the yellow squash (if that’s what that is) and the green stuff like beans, and

Amazon Plays Tricks…I Get Treats

This is one special lady. Her name is Anastasia Fontaines and she’s my friend. This whole month Mom Peep and I have been working on getting to 30 reviews on Amazon for the CHARLIE BEAR book. Amazon is where everyone goes

What are the 7 Steps to a Happier Pet?

Charlie Bear here. Guess what my Mom Peep got? A free t-shirt from HSUS Humane Society of the United States. And she got it just for making a donation! Look closely. It has cats on it. Made her sad, actually, and had

It’s my Birthday!

It was doubtful whether I’d make it to 2012. I was such a feisty, headstrong, rambunctious critter. Just ask my rescuer, foster mom, or my new Mom and Dad. They’ll tell you. But I did it! Guess how old I

Adopt a Rescue or Shelter Dog or ….

  Charlie Bear here. (That’s my photo that Mom Peep fell in love with when she found me online at www.adoptapet.com.)I’m here to talk about a controversial subject. Adopt a dog or buy? Mom Peep didn’t want to do this post and

The end of a long chase…

Charlie Bear here with another big fellow, this one named Chase. His story is told by Brittany: It all started when my dad got his German Shepherd. He claims that Jett is “everyone’s” dog, but we all know better. I wanted a

Weird Facts About Dogs

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